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ThreePenny Theatre Company is guided by a two-fold mission: internally we strive to engage impoverished, lower income, and homeless communities in classes and rehearsal in the theatrical arts. This includes: writing, acting, directing, and carpentry, training proven to develop written and vocal communication, teamwork, and practical construction skills. Externally, ThreePenny Theatre Company produces works designed to educate and engage the larger community in the ideas, perspectives, and shortcomings that shape our society.

Meet The Team



 Jonah Kirkhart Ericson is a writer, director, actor, and producer for both the stage and film. He has written a full length play, The Tragedy of Norton the First, and a full length musical, An American in Beirut. He has directed several plays including John, Love and Information, Indian Radio Days, and he has performed in several others. He is excited to engage and educate his community in the power of the arts. 


Cody O'Hare

Cody O'Hare is a theater practitioner currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. While studying at Kansas State University, Cody developed a love for niche and unique theater. Since moving to SLC he has acted in Love and Information, Rime of the ancient Mariner, and Indian Radio Days. He is excited to bring his writing, technical, and business talents to the Three Penny Theatre team, to create new unique and interesting experiences both for the audience, as well as, the contributing artists.



Wendy Dang is a producer and writer by day, and an actor and performance artist by heart. She has many film and theatre credits, but she strives to platform those who have a story she wants to hear, and advocates for the kinds of people she wants to see, on stage and screen.
Her ultimate goal is to see people who look like her fall in love, and is chasing those goals by publishing her first novel and writing projects that will give opportunities to a diverse group of people. 

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Mara Atzenhoffer

Mara Atzenhoffer resides in Orlando, Florida, where she works for The Walt Disney Company Parks and Resorts. She is studying for her master’s degree in Non-Profit Leadership Growth and Development with the University of Denver.  After graduating from Kansas State University, she interned for six-months with 321 Theatrical Management in New York. While there, she worked with Wicked and SpongeBob SquarePants the Broadway Musical as a marketing and group sales intern. She is very excited to team up with her college friends to make their dreams of creating a theatre company a reality.

ThreePenny In the News

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Founders Club

We wouldn't be here today without the support of our Founders Club. These people believed in the mission of ThreePenny before the world had seen our work and we will never forget that honor.

Founders ($501-$1000)

Cloverdale Farms

Johnny Rankin

Stonemasons ($51-$500)

Rodney and Janice O'Hare

Jeff Stinson

Joey Wallen

Clare and David Ericson

Bricklayers ($1-$50)

Leif Carlson

Cynthia Crown

Shannon Miller

Desiree Schippers

Tyrel Jensen

Brenden Wood

Rachel Yanna

Veronica Harrison

Chris May

Mary White

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