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Produced by ThreePenny Theatre Company


Landon Kraczek

Jack Gardner
Sydney Vance

Syd Peronnet

Dawn TalkingtonBailey
Miles Broadhead
Emily Tatum

Hannah Orr


Director: Jonah Kirkhart

Light and Sound Opp: Cody O'Hare


Landon Kraczek

Landon Kraczek is making his debut performance with Three Penny theater company as Galileo. Landon, a graduate of UVU, is an owner/ producer for Busking Bus Theater company. He has directed and acted in shows across the SLC valley for over 10 years. Some highlights are cowriting a best of state playwriting of Breakfast with Shakespeare, Directing Builders of America which ran for over 6 months, and performing as Robin Hood in a acclaimed rendition of Robin hood. He would like to thank the Parker Theater helping start his semiprofessional theater career and for hosting Three Penny for this show. He would also like to thank his loving girlfriend for her constant support of him, her dedication to art, theater and community.


Jack Gardner

This is Jack’s second production with ThreePenny Theatre Company and he is delighted to be back!  He was last seen with ThreePenny as Elias (John), and recently as Paris (Romeo and Juliet) with Decaf Acting Company, and He/Him/Father in Mandela Mentality Method.  A big thank you to all of his fellow cast mates, directors, and crew members for these shows!  It’s an easy way for Jack to make friends. 


Sydney Vance

Sydney Lorraine Vance is honored to be returning to work with Threepenny for the second time. She feels blessed to be living her dream as a performer. She sings, dances and acts like a fool full time now. See her singing sexy songs at bars, or diving into verse through Shakespearean plays. Sydney is so happy to be alive, and loves nothing more than sharing her adoration for the human condition through her craft. 

Syd Peronnet.jpg

Syd Peronnet

Syd Peronnet is excited to be joining Three Penny Theatre Co once more as Federzoni. Their recent credits include Actor in Love and Information and Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream. Syd has been performing on and off since they were a kid, and continues to find so much love for theatre and performance art. Syd lives in Salt lake where they continue to write music, paint, and cuddle their kitties after a long day of work. They would like to thank their family and friends whose support means the world.


Dawn Talkington Bailey

Dawn Talkington-Bailey is making her professional debut in theatre as Virginia, Galileo’s daughter. Her other roles include the Philosopher, and the great Clavius. She has loved being a part of this cast, and can’t wait to dive into more theatre. In her free time she figure skates competitively, and earlier this year she won Adult Midwest Sectionals going on to place 5th in the nation at Adult Nationals.

Miles Broadhead

Miles is excited for his first show with Three Penny Theatre!  Miles has been performing on stage, film, television  and radio since he was a young lad.  His most recent appearance was as the national spokesperson for Wasatch Medical Group.  Miles is very happy to be back on stage and in front of a live audience again!  Follow him on Instagram for upcoming shows and appearances  @milesbroadhead. 


Emily Tatum

Emily is currently in her second year as a student in the Actor Training Program at the University of Utah. Recent credits include How Flowers Bloom (Amy), Big Fish (Josephine Bloom/Choreographer), and Pride and Prejudice (Mrs. Bennet). She will also be appearing in the University of Utah's production of As You Like It in the Spring. She is so excited to be in this production and sincerely hopes you enjoy the show! 

hannah Orr

Hannah Orr is excited to be making her debut with ThreePenny Theatre Company. They are a graduate of Westminster College with a BFA in Theatre Performance. Her previous credits include As You Like It (Le Beau) with Mad King Productions, The Lady with the Dog (Anna) with Beyond the Line Theatre, and Stop Kiss (Sara), Gloria (Gloria), Girl in the Red Corner (Nancy), and The School for Scandal (Maria) all at Westminster College.


Jonah Kirkhart

Jonah Kirkhart is a writer, director, and actor. He’s the artistic director of ThreePenny Theatre Company and co-founder of Busking Bus Theatre Company (@buskingbustheatre). His written works include An American in Beirut (Uptown Theatre), Rime of the Ancient Mariner (ThreePenny Theatre Company), and an upcoming adaptation of The Legends of Sleepy Hollow (Timpanogos Arts Center). He’s directed several others including 21 Chump Street (K-State Directors Lab), Twelfth Night (New World Shakespeare), and Love and Information (ThreePenny Theatre Company).

Director's Note


“Life of Galileo” contradicts itself beautifully. A biographical work that seems as equally interested in mythologizing and de-mythologizing. In modern society, we mythologize those people or actions that we feel fully uphold our beliefs, and western narrative has focused on the hero’s tale for millennia. Whether you examine narrative like the Odyssey, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Marvel films or think of the way we conceptualize history through leaders, politicians, and great works by individuals, these ways of thinking all attempt to examine our societal values through our myths, our heroes. Even if you, like me, view Joseph Campbell with skepticism, you cannot deny his theory’s effects on the way we understand our society through heroes. By seeing ourselves in these heroes, we become, in some way, heroic ourselves, but that escape into the hero is not the story of “Life of Galileo”. Brecht ardently supported socialism and class equality, and the inherent individualism of a hero myth contradicts any sort of socialist agenda, so instead, our Galileo, our “hero”, steals, blasphemes, lies, betrays, and gluttonizes (I predict goes through the entire list of deadly sins) throughout the play. Galileo’s behavior reverses the hero tale. No, the hero of this play is rarely seen on stage. Characters mention the hero in nearly every scene. The antagonists fear the hero. The protagonists work for and with the hero. Because the hero of “Life of Galileo” is everyday people, you, me, the barista, the shelf stocker… Everyday people have a great deal of power, so we must “think cautiously”. Who do we mythologize? Why do we mythologize them? And If you must mythologize, turn your telescope towards the subject, observe closely, and doubt.

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