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Produced by ThreePenny Theatre Company


Vee Vargas

Syd Peronnet

Sydney Vance

Mitch-Allen Johnson

Cody O'Hare


Director: Jonah Kirkhart

Stage Manger: Jack Merlot

Vee Vargas.jpg

Vee Vargas

Vee is a Latiné Genderqueer and Neurodivergent Theatre, Voice, and Film actor. Born in New York and a citizen of the World, her recent theatre appearances include "Egress" at Salt Lake Acting Company, "Stories of Arlyrus: It Just Went Click" and "Filiae Scriptoris". She is also a cast member of "The Scarab Archives", a horror/mystery audiodrama, and co-founder of "Adventures of the Mightiest Pen" a real-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast. When she's not acting, Vee is a dedicated advocate for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA), most recently appearing as a panelist at the University of Utah's JEDI colloquium. Her goal is to build safe creative spaces in our community where BIPOC Disabled Artists and Patrons can thrive. When she is not acting or advocating, she enjoys taking nature walks, listening to podcasts like "The Adventure Zone" and "Old Gods of Appalachia", and playing The Sims.

Syd Peronnet.jpg

Syd Peronnet

Syd Peronnet is elated to be joining the cast of "Love and Information". Syd has been on and off stage since they were a kid, and notably appeared in Company, Peter and the Starcatchers, and A Midsummer Night's Dream  as Joanne, Smee and Puck respectively. Syd would like to thank their fellow castmates as well as ThreePenny Theatre Company for the opportunity to play and create in a truly collaborative piece of devised theatre.

Syd Vance.jpg

Sydney Vance

Sydney Lorraine Vance is so excited to be participating in this production with Threepenny theater Co. Sydney has been performing since she was a young child. From being in the ensemble and “The Runaway Snowman” in fifth grade to recently playing Portia “Merchant of Venice,” Sydney has always been fascinated in the way that theater explores the human condition. “Love and Information” is the perfect script to share this intrigue with an audience, and she hopes you all get as much out of it as she has.

Mitch Allen.jpg

Mitch-Allen Johnson

Mitch-Allen Johnson (he/they) is an actor, director, and playwright based in Draper. His favorite acting roles thus far include Barfee in "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee", Polonius in "Fortinbras", and "Pantalone in The Love for Three Oranges". His directing credits include "Bang Bang You’re Dead" with Decaf Acting Company for The Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival (Awarded Best of FF, Outstanding Ensemble, and Outstanding Student Production), and co-director of "Love and Information" with Salt Lake Community College.  When he’s not designing room settings in a Scandinavian furniture store, you can find Mitch-Allen writing fiction and poetry, playing board and video games, and browsing libraries and bookstores. Having taken the last couple years off from acting, Mitch-Allen is thrilled to be back on the stage once more in a play all too familiar. He wants to thank his partner Jared for his ongoing encouragement and support.

Cody O'Hare

Cody O'Hare is a writer, actor, and life-long lover of theatre. This will be his second time performing in "Love and Information", his first being at Kansas State University. He has always been a fan of strange and peculiar theatre and this show more than most fulfills his desire for a truly collaborative show. Fans of ThreePenny Theatre may recall him as an actor in "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" at Great Salt Lake Fringe, or perhaps as the stage manager for last year's production of "John". As a co-founder of ThreePenny Cody is incredibly happy to see the show come together, and he hopes you enjoy it as much as he enjoyed making it with this incredible cast.


Jonah Kirkhart

Jonah Kirkhart is the Artistic Director of ThreePenny Theatre Company. He’s a playwright, director, actor, and producer for both stage and film. He’s written multiple plays including The Tragedy of Norton the First (Kansas State University) and An American in Beirut (Crown Uptown Theatre). He’s directed and assistant directed several others including Becky Shaw (Kansas State University) and 70 Scenes for Halloween (Redhouse Arts Center). This will be Kirkhart's third show with ThreePenny Theatre, after directing both his own adaptation of Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and John by Annie Baker. He is proud to present his production of Love and Information!

Director's Note

Caryl Churchill's "Love and Information" at first glance may appear to be about everything. The breakneck speed at which scenes alternate between slicing chicken brains, watching far-off (maybe long dead) stars, walking through a house made of memories, falling in love with a virtual person, and answering non-sequitur trivia questions, potentially feels like a scattershot collage without purpose. However, like all collage as an art form, through careful juxtaposition Churchill orchestrates a symphonic whole of questions and answers, emotions and logic, and “Love and Information”. The power in Churchill’s piece lies not in her universal understanding of the, albeit evocative, nouns of love and information but in her understanding of communication. This play examines human beings with three basic tools for survival: our emotions, our logic, and our communication to bring the other two together. Furthermore, exploring the reactionary synapse that fires when we get, give, lose, hate, and love information. This piece encapsulates all the ways that humans communicate whether that be talking, texting, lying, semaphore, TikToking, writing, sending gifs, or even morse code, and by understanding humanity in this limitless way, Churchill, ThreePenny, and this piece expand on the ways communication from all over our modern world fails, twists, exacerbates, excites, comforts, challenges, destroys, and maybe, even, heals.

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