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Produced by ThreePenny Theatre Company


Viviane Turman 

Rachel Corrie



Stage Manger: 

Set and Lighting

Costume Design:

Hannah Orr

 Cody O'Hare

 Jonah Ericson

 Hannah Orr


Viviane Turman

Viviane Turman (They/Them) is a Westminster University alumnus with a BFA in theatre performance and is a local figure artist.  

In 2020,  following the tragic murder of  Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal by Salt Lake City Police and District attorney Sim Gil’s failure to prosecute, despite ample evidence, they attended a communal direct action that gathered in unity to speak out, disrupt, and mourn. Using red paint to symbolize the blood on Sim Gil and the police officers’ hands, hundreds of community members spread paint across the road and offices of the DA. 

Alongside nine others, Viviane faced several felony charges and misdemeanors, including several first-degree felonies carrying potential life sentences for graffiti.  Through unwavering community support ultimately, the charges were reduced to an $85,000 restitution, which the community generously contributed to in order to alleviate the fiscal burden the state tried to laden with the group after the unsuccessful prison sentences. 

Regionally they’ve had the honor of performing with The Grand in Pride and Prejudice, Harvey, and To Kill a Mockingbird, The Classic Greek Theatre Festival in Medea, Women of Trachis, and Herakles as well as with An Other Theatre Company in Fossil Record, The Moors, and Mr. Burns. 

As you watch and ruminate, they hope you take to heart Civil Rights activist John Lewis’s words: “Get in good trouble, necessary trouble, and help redeem the soul of America.”

¡Justicia para Bernardo! From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. 


hannah Orr

Hannah Orr is a director, playwright, actor, and costumer with a BFA in Theatre Performance from Westminster University. Their previous work with ThreePenny includes costuming ‘Night Mother and The Duchess of Malfi and acting in Power Plays (Ms. Riverton/Wanda) and The Life of Galileo (Little Monk).

Additional regional credits include stage managing a reading of ROE with Pygmalion Productions and performing in The Thanksgiving Play (Logan) with Wasatch Theatre Company, Graft (Farmer) with The Bacchös, As You Like It (Le Beau) with Mad King Productions, and The Lady with the Dog (Anna) with Beyond the Line Theatre Company.

Director's Note

It’s an honor to share Rachel’s words with you tonight, and for the most part, I will let her speak for herself. However, I would like to take a moment and acknowledge why I feel this particular story matters. Rachel was not a great martyr or savior. She didn’t do anything that Palestinians weren’t capable of doing themselves. She is not a mythological figure beyond our reach or comprehension. She was a girl from Olympia with a messy room and love for art who sought to reconcile her actions with the harm being done in her name, funded by her tax dollars. And that’s what makes her story exceptionally powerful. It calls upon us to understand and grapple with the space we occupy within a global context. I hope this play humanizes her for you. I hope you see yourself, your neighbor, your daughter, your friend in Rachel tonight, and I hope that awakens in you an awareness in our complicity in genocide and responsibility to humanity.

I hope this play serves as a testament to the liberating power of community. It’s in standing alongside each other and holding our ground that the battle is fought. We’ve included in this playbill a list of local organizations advocating for Palestinian liberation, and I urge you to continue Rachel’s legacy and invest yourself in this fight. With each other, side by side, we will see a free Palestine in our lifetime.

Lastly, we’d like to use this platform to uplift a fundraiser for Marwa’s family in Gaza. They have been displaced six times now, and she is hoping to secure enough funding to get her children to safety. If you’re in a place to donate, please consider helping her reach her goal. 



Local Organizations

Arabs in Utah (Instagram: @arabsinutah)
Armed Queers (Instagram: @armedqueersslc)
Healthcare Workers for Palestine - Salt Lake City (Instagram: @hcw4palestine_slc)
Mecha de U of U (Instagram: @mechadeuofu)
Nuanua Collective (Instagram: @nuanua.collective)
PSL Salt Lake (Instagram: @pslsaltlake)
Palestinian Solidarity Association of Utah (Instagram: @palestiniansolidarityut)
Palestinian Solidarity Forum of Utah (Instagram: @psfutah)
Utah for a Ceasefire (Instagram: @utahforaceasefire)


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