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ThreePenny Theatre

Theatre By All for All


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Salt Lake City


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Our Story

ThreePenny Theatre was the brainchild of a couple of small town Kansas boys who grew up with a passion for the arts, but with almost no access to it. Too often shows were expensive, far away, and didn't have much to say. It was in basement rehearsal rooms, putting in long hours of their own time they learned that organizing a show could be done with almost passion alone, and the final product could say as much or more than an expensive musical.

So why was theatre so rare and tickets so expensive? That's when we realized the most valuable resource we had that others may not. Time. Everyone there was there because they wanted to make something, but also because they could sacrifice time to be there. So if we wanted to bring the experience of making and experiencing art to everyone, we knew we'd need to find a way to bring art to the people who need it most, those without time to spend on a hobby. 


Our Mission

ThreePenny Theatre Company is guided by a two-fold mission: internally we strive to engage impoverished, lower income, and homeless communities in classes and rehearsal in the theatrical arts. This includes: writing, acting, directing, and carpentry, training proven to develop written and vocal communication, teamwork, and practical construction skills.


Externally, ThreePenny Theatre Company produces works designed to educate and engage the larger community in the ideas, perspectives, and shortcomings that shape our society.


Our Team

Artistic Director Jonah Kirkhart

Co-Founder of ThreePenny Theatre Company Jonah Kirkhart has directed and performed for multiple Salt Lake theatre companies since coming to Salt Lake in 2018. As a one man theatre machine he's directed, designed lighting, and built sets from the ground up for every ThreePenny Show.

Our Volunteers

We make an effort to pay every person who helps make our shows a reality, yet some people have consistently made incredible efforts that we will always be in debt to. Shout out to Crystal Braden, Jack Merlot and everyone else who makes our work possible.

Education Director Cody O'Hare

Co-Founder of ThreePenny Theatre Company Cody O'Hare acts as an assistant director, dramaturge, actor, writer, and technology specialist. 

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Our History

ThreePenny Theatre was founded in Salt Lake City in 2019 and intended to have their first season in 2020. As you can imagine that year was particularly challenging for live theatre. In 2021 they rolled out their first live season. The first season included Rime of the Ancient Mariner an adaptation by Artistic Director Jonah Kirkhart at Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival, and John by Annie Baker produced out of The Box theatre.

In 2022 ThreePenny has a three show season including Love and Information, Life of Galileo, and Indian Radio Days. Finding it's niche providing unique professional theatre experiences with a pay what you can model. As little as three pennies is enough to get you in the door.

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