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Produced by ThreePenny Theatre Company with assistance by Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival

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Tyler Fox 

Cody O'Hare

Elizabeth Hanley

Mira Kocherhans

Cayden Price 

The Mariner


First Mate





Director: Jonah Kirkhart

Stage Manger: Crystal Braden

Assistant Stage Manager: Jenn Adams

Tyler Fox

Tyler is a SLC based actor who has worked with many companies to make art, including Sackerson Theater Company's "Hindsight", "Lost Generation: Hemingway and the Byrd", by SonderImmersive, and "Perfect Arrangement" by An Other Theater Company. He is so excited to work with Threepenny and bring the Mariner to life.


Cody O'hare

Cody is a founding member of ThreePenny Theatre Company, as well as an experienced actor and writer. Most recently he wrote "Her Velcro Voice" a radio play for Kansas State University's 2020 horror anthology. He has also played a Chorus member in "The Arsonists", Adam in "As you Like It" and more! He's thrilled to be a part of ThreePenny's first live performance!


Elizabeth Hanley

Elizabeth Hanley has been acting for a very long time and each new show is a wonderful adventure. She would like to thank the “Rime” team for pushing her artistic boundaries. You may have seen her as Rhonda in “The Open Syrup” and you should definitely check it out again when it reopens later this year.


Mira K0cherhans

Mira is thrilled to be a part of the artistic process as an actor in this new show. She was seen onstage most recently as Marianne in UVU's production of Constellations. Some of her favorite theatrical work has been performing with the Grassroots Shakespeare Company and the UVU Improv Team. Currently in the Honors Program at UVU, Mira is pursuing both a BFA in Acting and a BA in English. She plans to pursue a master's in Classical Acting and another in Linguistics.


Cayden Price

Cayden Price has been acting and playing music for many years, most recently performing as The Preacher in Anthem Theater Company's production of Elephant's Graveyard. He writes music with his spouse under the name "Whistling Swans" and has two cats, Benny and Blue.


Jonah Kirkhart

Jonah Kirkhart is the Artistic Director of ThreePenny Theatre Company. He’s a playwright, director, actor, and producer for both stage and film. He’s written multiple plays including The Tragedy of Norton the First (Kansas State University) and An American in Beirut (Crown Uptown Theatre). He’s directed and assistant directed several others including Becky Shaw (Kansas State University) and 70 Scenes for Halloween (Redhouse Arts Center). Kirkhart exuberantly presents his new adaptation of Rime of the Ancient Mariner to audiences for the first time.

Founders Club

We wouldn't be here today without the support of our Founders Club. These people believed in the mission of ThreePenny before the world had seen our work and we will never forget that honor.

If you're interested in joining our Founders Club consider making a qualified donation to the future success of ThreePenny. Check out our Donations page and our Blog Post about our Founders Club levels.

Founders ($501-$1000)

Cloverdale Farms

Rodney and Janice O'Hare

Jeff Stinson

Stonemasons ($51-$500)

Lief Carlson

Cynthia Crown

Shannon Miller

Desiree Schippers

Bricklayers ($1-$50)

Veronica Harrison

Chris May

Mary White

David Ericson

Johnie Rankin

Joey Wallen

Tyrel Jensen

Brenden Wood

Rachel Yanna

We believe art can make a difference. Help us prove it.


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