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Updated: Dec 9, 2019

To Start:

We hate asking for money as much as the next guy, so I'm sure with that kind of start this post about asking for money will definitely come off as disingenuous. For me, Jonah Kirkhart Ericson, as a generally frugal and skeptical person when giving out money, I have to lay down the truth as to what you are supporting when you are supporting ThreePenny Theatre Company.

What we are; and what we are not:

ThreePenny Theatre Company exists as a non-profit corporation. Without quoting too much legalese and jargon at you, a non-profit corporation aims to better society without garnering direct profit for the owners of the company (for those keeping score at home that's myself, Cody, and Mara at this time); with this in mind, ThreePenny Theatre Company can hire and pay wages to its employees assuming those wages are fair, equitable, and match the level of labor produced by that employee (a board member who is also an employee, however cannot set their own salary). This fun little quote about "fair, equitable, and match[ing] the level of labor produced" will be judged by the IRS and I'm not one to speak poorly of government entities, but there's a reason IRS audits have the reputation they do. Any donations will certainly not go directly to our pockets. In short we aim to better society through our non-profit works, and while individuals may be paid for labor, we will only pay actors, designers, managers, and other necessary employees equitably and after much deliberation.

So, I hear you cry, how do you intend to "better society through [your] non-profit works"? For that my friends, I would guide you to our About page; however for your convenience, I'll reproduce the content here as well:

ThreePenny Theatre Company is guided by a two-fold mission: internally we strive to engage impoverished, lower income, and homeless communities in classes and rehearsal in the theatrical arts. This includes: writing, acting, directing, and carpentry, training proven to develop written and vocal communication, teamwork, and practical construction skills. Externally, ThreePenny Theatre Company produces works designed to educate and engage the larger community in the ideas, perspectives, and shortcomings that shape our society.

If these sound like valuable uses of time and money, please do consider either going to the Donations page of our website, or navigate to the bottom of the page where a donate button will be provided.

Founders Club; and a few other question you may have

"Okay, I like what I'm hearing so far, but what do I get in return?"

I'm glad you asked because that's where we're happy to announce the "Founders Club". Between today (Yes! The day your reading this) and the end of 2020 (as in 11:59pm on December 31st of 2020), you have the opportunity to become a Founding Member of ThreePenny Theatre Company. This club allows you to become a member for life (and afterlife if that's your thing).

"Alright, so how do I get in to this Founders Club thing?"

We are rolling out three different levels of Founders with names reflecting the labor-based values that ThreePenny holds:

Founders Club levels are as follows:

ThreePenny Bricklayer: $1-$50 (or a $4 monthly donation)

At this level, you're the foundation of our company. Just as a house would fall without its foundation, you are the bread and butter of our company. With each donation at this level we have a new brick to construct our establishment for even just the price of a one latte once a month.

ThreePenny Stonemason: $51-$500 (or a $25 monthly donation)

At this level, you're helping to put us together. With the bricks made, stone cut, and ideas ready, we need someone to help synthesize the architecture and dreams and push us to the next level of our establishment. With each donation at this level we can put together the foundation and the walls, construct the doorways and the seats for just the price of a dinner for two at Chili's once a month.

ThreePenny Founder: $501-$1000 (or a $75 monthly donation)

At this level, you're showing your commitment physically and spiritually in ThreePenny. You establish the cornerstones of our company and allowing us to step back and look with pride on what we've build. We can brush the dust off our hands and get ready for the real work. We get it: someone doesn't make this sort of commitment lightly, so follow us through 2020 and I hope we can establish enough trust with you to want to be a ThreePenny Founder.

"Okay, cool, I get a fancy name, but, really, what do I get for giving you money?"

Of course, you do get "things" for becoming a ThreePenny Founders Club Member.

Firstly, at all giving levels you will be a member of the Founders Club. This club will be posted on our About page with your name (or the name of your choosing) for life (whether that be yours or the life of the company). This club will also be posted on every program for every show we do through ThreePenny (again for life). The font size of your name will reflect your giving level with Bricklayer being the smallest (but still legible font) and Founder being the largest font.

Secondarily, each giving level comes with ticketing perks to all of our future shows. Bricklayers following the 2020 season will receive early access and notice to seasons and ticket availability. Stonemasons will receive the same early access but also gain two free tickets to one show every season for life. Founders, on the other hand, will be season ticket holders for life.

Finally, we want you to know that your donation is truly about getting ThreePenny off on the right foot, and one of the major long term goals for ThreePenny is to have an arts facility to produce, teach, and provide theatrical and other artistic opportunities to everyone regardless of social background. As a Bricklayer, you will receive a name of your choosing on a brick in our future facility. As a Stonemason, you will receive a name of your choosing on a seat in our facility. As a Founder, you will receive a name of your choosing on our wall of Founders.

"I'm in! I'm excited to see ThreePenny take off in 2020!"

I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that. Remember either head over to our Donations page or click the donate button down below to become a ThreePenny Founders Club Member. We're excited for you to see what we've got planned.

Go directly to our PayPal page using this button:


You can sign up for our emailing list to get notifications about the non-donation ways you can get involved:


Jonah Kirkhart Ericson is one of the Co-Board Members and the Artistic Director of ThreePenny Theatre Company. He's written, acted, directed, and produced theatre from New York to Utah, and believes in the mission of bringing great and interesting theatre to everybody.

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